Company Culture

Planning Spaces


Following the launch of its new brand identity last February, BC2 mandated the firm Paprika to review its website. BC2’s identity and platform update are part of a desire to assert its personality, one that is singular, strong, and proud. A gesture that should naturally evoke the vast field of expertise of the firm defined by Planning Spaces.

A breath of fresh air for BC2

The new brand identity and the voice that carries it are bold, colorful, and modern. They visually convey the firm’s mission and reflect the personality of BC2 and its team members.

The typography letters are anchored with strength and stability and have an assertive character. With its play of right angles and roundness, the font evokes both the firm’s rigorous and flexible qualities. Through its shapes and counter-forms, spaces are created that relate to one another, allowing the eye to circulate. The graphic platform displays the schematization of BC2’s flagship projects, thus highlighting the pure forms in themselves and creating a spatiality. Their variation evokes the rationality of the technical plan, made accessible by an offbeat and contemporary color palette combined with raw material.

A new website for the fall

With the redesign of its website, BC2’s goal was not only to modernize its platform, but also to offer a showcase highlighting the expertise of its teams as well as the ingenuity and boldness of its projects. Filling the gaps of the old website and showcasing its new visual identity, the interface provides clarity on the diversity of BC2’s offer and allows browsers, with just a few clicks, to easily access the information they are looking for. Through an intuitive navigation, users will be able to be charmed by the artistic direction that relies on a design that is both bright and pure, where animated speech, colorful forms and inspiring imagery are combined.

« To unleash the full potential of BC2, we had a strong need to revamp our brand identity and website so that they would express the true personality of our firm. A personality that is vibrant, friendly, thoughtful and practical. The result of a long-term project, our revamped corporate image and platform highlight the diversity of BC2’s offering and reveal the people behind our projects »

Olivier Perron-Collins, president of the firm.

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