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The NOVA legacy: Supporting youth recreational tourism in Quebec


NOVA was much more than just a collective. It was an outburst of passion, a call to adventure and an invitation to embrace the great outdoors. When this chapter closed, a commitment was made to perpetuate the legacy of access to recreational tourism in Quebec. Recently, a $15,000 donation was made on behalf of NOVA to two organizations that share this passion: Rando Québec‘s Jeunes en sentier program and the Coalition québécoise du plein air.

This gesture embodies our unwavering determination to promote and facilitate young people’s access to recreational tourism, but our commitment doesn’t stop there. It continues with renewed energy, as the five members who made up the collective* continue to enthusiastically deploy all their efforts to make this essential objective a reality.

Recreotourism offers young people the opportunity to thrive in contact with nature, develop their spirit of adventure and cultivate a lasting passion for outdoor activities.

Thanks to this donation, the Jeunes en sentier program will be able to continue encouraging young people to explore trails and discover the wonders of hiking and snowshoeing. Likewise, the Coalition québécoise du plein air will continue to contribute to maintaining an environment conducive to outdoor activities, working to influence public policy for the collective well-being, accessibility and sustainability of outdoor activity sites.

The NOVA legacy is one of passion, adventure and commitment to youth recreation and tourism. And today, thanks to this gift, that legacy will continue, inspiring new generations to explore, discover and enjoy Quebec’s natural beauty.

*The NOVA collective was made up of 5 members: Vélo Québec, LLG Nature, BC2, Aventure Écotourisme Québec and Rando Québec.