Company Culture

A new Associate Partner for BC2


BC2 is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Carl Carbonneau as Vice-President – Partner, adding his expertise and strategic vision to the management team.

With more than a decade of enriching experience in urban planning and real estate development, including seven valuable years in the firm, Mr. Carbonneau brings extensive expertise in urban planning and regulatory analysis to BC2. With his ability to combine a rigorous critical thinking, a remarkable aptitude to synthesize and a contagious optimism, he is able to develop customized strategies for every initiative, thus promoting the creation of pleasant, functional and sustainable living spaces.

Mr. Carbonneau adopts a resolutely human and results-oriented approach, both in his interactions with clients and partners, and in his collaborative work with colleagues, ensuring that BC2’s services are characterized by consistency, quality and sustainability.

Mr. Carbonneau’s appointment is part of a strategic continuity, recognizing his exceptional commitment and positive influence on the corporate culture.

“Carl’s advancement within our management team represents a natural and well-deserved evolution that highlights his significant contribution and leadership over the years.”

– Olivier Perron-Collins, President of BC2.

As of January 1, 2024, Mr. Carbonneau has joined BC2’s team of vice-presidents | partners composed of diverse talents and visions, namely: Olivier Perron-Collins, Bianca Lavoie, Marc-Antoine Vallée, Isabelle Séguin, Sylvain Gariepy, Olivier Laurent Cazaban, Benoit Ducharme, Marie-Pierre McDonald and Audrey Piché-Mandeville, reinforcing the commitment to excellence and innovation in all the BC2 projects.