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Founded in 2010, BC2 is an independent, Quebec-owned firm, composed of more than 100 experienced professionals and technicians working in offices in Montreal, Quebec City, and Shawinigan. We have five core departments of expertise:

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Cities are forged in the relationship between the environment and its community, and between private and public initiatives. We take action at the core of these processes by proposing sustainable solutions that combine and harmonize the interests of everyone involved. By working with cities, public-sector organizations, developers, private companies, and non-profits, we cultivate a balanced, pragmatic and ambitious perspective on urban development.



Préau is a four season polydome structure developed with the Décarel Group and Nordic Structures. Built with a durable wooden structure, it provides an ecological and versatile home for sports, leisure and cultural activities on a year-round basis. In addition to being a refrigerated hockey rink and soccer field, it can also host performances and public markets. Préau offers a wide range of recreational activities that can enliven and animate an entire community.

NOVA is the Collective for sustainable and innovative recreational tourism. This team possesses all the expertise needed to develop cutting edge touristic opportunities. Vélo Québec, LLG Natures, Aventures Écotourisme Québec and Rando Québec are partners with us in this venture.

BC2 Management and Operation was created from a merge between BC2 and Gestion Intégrée Inc. It offers municipal, institutional and private clients an alternative for recreational and sports facilities and program management.

With over 30 years of experience, BC2 Management and Operation produces funding and management mechanisms that adequately meet the needs and expectations of both partner organizations as well as users.

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- Complexe sportif Marie-Victorin
- École aquatique de Mascouche