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Carole Labrecque appointed Sustainability Manager


BC2 proudly announces the appointment of Carole Labrecque as the Director of Sustainable Development, in recognition of her commitment to promoting innovative and sustainable practices across all facets of the company.

With over 30 years of experience as a seasoned landscape architect, Carole Labrecque holds a master’s degree in environmental management, which provides her with a deep understanding of environmental issues and their integration into her projects. While continuing to hold her position as a Senior Director within the Landscape Architecture team, she will now also assume the role of Director of Sustainable Development at BC2.

This new position, which she has held since April 2023, grants her a key role in the integration and implementation of sustainable practices across all areas of the firm. As a high-level strategic advisor to the management, she will provide guidance on project choices and their environmental impact. She will be supported in this endeavor by other members of the BC2 team who will bring their complementary expertise. Together, they will form a multidisciplinary and dedicated team, working in concert to translate the vision of sustainability into tangible actions within the company.

In addition to disseminating best practices and sharing her knowledge with the teams, Carole Labrecque will develop client services related to these sustainable practices and will also ensure the continuous training of professionals in this field. Alongside her new responsibilities, Carole Labrecque is preparing to pursue a graduate microprogram in strategic environmental consulting at the Center for Environmental and Sustainable Development Training at the University of Sherbrooke.

“To me, sustainable development in urban planning is primarily a matter of ethics and responsibility towards future generations. As a landscape architect, I am convinced that we can design spaces that meet the needs of communities while preserving the environment and promoting biodiversity. This is a vision that I intend to share and promote within BC2.”

  • Carole Labrecque

BC2 has already embarked on an Ecoresponsible certification process based on its Social and Environmental Charter. This appointment represents an important step in this endeavor and confirms BC2’s firm commitment to promoting sustainable practices throughout its operations.