Former Molson-Coors Brewery

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  • Graphic Design and Territorial Branding
Brasserie Molson-Coors de Montréal

Multidisciplinary support for the total transformation of the former Molson-Coors brewery into a new district that puts people at the heart of its concept.

Following Molson-Coors’ decision to relocate its brewing operations to Montreal’s South Shore, the company’s historic site at the foot of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge was put up for sale. After a selection process, a Consortium composed of MONTONI and the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ acquired the property with a view to redeveloping it into a mixed-use neighbourhood.

Covering 10.8 hectares in the heart of the Ville-Marie Borough, this site, which evokes Montreal’s dynamism in the 18th century, extends over several blocks, mainly concentrated between Atateken and Papineau streets, on the edge of the Ville-Marie expressway. Once the driving force behind the industrial development of the Faubourgs, the site has accompanied the sector in its transformation into a living environment. While the first phase focuses on the Voltigeurs block, where the historic buildings and the iconic tower bearing the “Molson” sign are located, the entire property is set to be redeveloped. With a total of approximately six million ft2 spread over ten blocks that integrate residential, commercial, institutional, cultural, and recreational functions, the plan is to build an urban environment with towers up to 65 metres, culminating in the Molson Tower, which may rise to a maximum of 100 metres. A major part of the project will be the development of a green network, with Sohmer Park and a pedestrian promenade along the river, restoring access to the water and recreating a tangible link between the various neighbouring districts.

BC2 has been involved in this project since the world-renowned brewery put this major Montreal industrial complex on the market and has since accompanied the Consortium in matters of urban planning, with the regulatory changes required to make the project viable and the numerous approvals needed. The firm has also accompanied the Consortium in terms of urban design and landscape architecture through the development of its master plan, programming, and development concept.

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Groupe Sélection, Montoni et Fonds Immobilier FTQ
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  • Urban Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Graphic Design and Territorial Branding

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