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Ville d'Iqaluit au Nunavut

Strategic and inclusive planning to provide a sustainable framework for the development of Iqaluit, Nunavut’s largest and fastest growing city.

Since the early 2000s, the population of Iqaluit has grown significantly to an estimated 8,000. Because of this change, a global reflection on the City’s economic, urban, and social development and its regional positioning was required. Iqaluit wanted an up-to-date and accurate strategic plan that would keep pace with recent economic, social, demographic, political, and environmental changes.

BC2 was mandated to update the City’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan. More specifically, the mandate aimed to guide this strategic planning process with a participatory workshop and an update of the strategic plan.

To update the plan, BC2 had to collate and analyse the issues that the City is set to face in the coming years. A clear vision of the type of territory the City wishes to offer its inhabitants, as well as the values it wishes to promote over the long term also had to be established. Finally, the new strategic plan had to reflect a consensus within the community on each of the elements.

BC2 carried out the update of the strategic plan in four stages:

  1. Assessment: Drawing a portrait of the territory’s geographical, social, economic, and environmental components to highlight the main issues it is facing and will have to address in the future.
  2. Vision and orientations: Development of a common and mobilizing vision to guide the desired development, as well as general guidelines to allow the vision to be realized. A participatory workshop was held in Iqaluit with elected officials and employees to discuss the sector’s development issues.
  3. Action plan: Setting up a plan focused on priorities, objectives and concrete operations to achieve the desired vision.
  4. Implementation and monitoring: Development of a strategy to identify the necessary tools to monitor the initiative’s progress.

The tools presented will enable Iqaluit to control its economic, urban, and social development growth.

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